Painting and mixed media: Portraits

Investigating self-portraits by a range of artists, children use photographs of themselves as a starting point for developing their own unique self-portraits in mixed-media.

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Lesson 1: Poem portrait

Extending a drawn self-portrait and exploring how a background can change the finished effect.

Learning Objective

To explore how a drawing can be developed

Lesson 2: Developing drawings

Taking portrait photographs ready for use in later lessons and developing drawings into finished prints using a range of techniques, including monoprints.

Learning Objective

To combine materials for effect

Lesson 3: Self-portraits

Extending ideas from Lessons 1 and 2, learning about the purpose of self-portraits and comparing work by a range of artists in different mediums, including mixed-media.

Learning Objective

To identify the features of self-portraits

Lesson 4: Changing faces

Considering how a self-portrait could represent something important about an artist; experimenting with materials and techniques, and recording ideas in sketchbooks.

Learning Objective

To develop ideas towards an outcome by experimenting with materials and techniques

Lesson 5: Mixed-media portraits

Concluding their investigation of portraits by evaluating ideas and giving feedback, then creating finished self-portraits in their chosen materials.

Learning Objective

To apply knowledge and skills to create a mixed-media self-portrait