R&W: Key stage 1

KS1 Religion and worldviews scheme of work introducing pupils to questions of human experience through units focusing on various religious concepts.

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In Key stage 1, children are introduced to a range of worldviews. They begin to explore the four key concepts: beliefs, practices, wisdom and morality, and community and belonging. Lessons draw on the children's experiences and ideas to help them begin to consider their positionality, thinking about their own beliefs while being open to new ideas. To ensure progression, units should be taught in the order presented.

Year 1

How did the world begin?

Exploring a range of creation stories in imaginative ways, children present their own ideas using art and language. They consider how creation stories help some people understand what God is like.

What do some people believe God looks like?

Exploring how other people understand God on Earth; considering different representations of God and understanding why this is challenging.

What is God's job?

Investigating the roles of God through stories and sacred texts, children look at the things God does and what this means to different people.

Why should we care for the world?

Building on their understanding of creation stories, children explore beliefs about the relationship between humans and nature.

How do we know that new babies are special?

This unit will be available from 1st April 2024.

Why should we care for others?

This unit will be available from 31st May 2024.

Year 2

Why do we need to give thanks?

Using a range of sources including survey data, children learn about beliefs around using offerings to show gratitude. They get hands-on with artefacts used during Hindu puja and write lyrics for a song of thanks.

What do candles mean to people?

Children investigate the ways light is used in religious and worldview contexts. They explore different festivals through artwork and stories, use natural resources to create advent wreaths and explore different hanukiah to develop their understanding of the symbolism of candles during Hanukkah.

How do we know some people have a special connection to God?

Exploring how we know that some people are believed to have a special connection to God through looking for clues in religious stories.

What is a prophet?

Investigating stories that show the characteristics of a prophet and what a prophet might mean to some people; identifying similarities between prophets across varying worldviews and what this suggests about their importance to some people.

How do some people talk to God?

This unit will be available from 1st April 2024.

Where do some people talk to God?

This unit will be available from 31st May 2024.

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