Composition notation (Theme: Ancient Egypt)

Based on the theme of Ancient Egypt, children learn to identify the pitch and rhythm of written notes and then experiment with notating their compositions in different ways to help develop their understanding of staff notation.

Make your music lessons safer...

During the pandemic: Lesson 1: you can omit; Lesson 2: children can use just their bodies to make the sounds, and not their voices; Lesson 3: remove the singing activities and concentrate on the playing and reading, and use sanitised instruments; Lesson 4: do not swap sheets in the plenary session; Lesson 5: use sanitised instruments.

Choose your lesson

Lesson 1: Here come the Egyptians (free lesson)

Children sing Egyptian themed vocal warm-ups and learn the song, 'Gift of the Nile'.

Lesson 2: Hieroglyphic score

Pupils create their own, improvised pieces of music and notate them using hieroglyphs.

Lesson 3: Play like an Egyptian

Children learn the names of different note lengths and identify them in some familiar sheet music.

Lesson 4: Pitch pyramids

To further develop their understanding of staff notation, children learn how the position of a note on the stave, dictates its pitch.

Lesson 5: Egyptian farewell

Pupils compose their own piece of music, celebrating a pharaoh’s journey into the afterlife.