Painting and mixed media: Light and dark

Developing skills in colour mixing, focussing on using tints and shades to create a 3D effect. Experimenting with composition and applying painting techniques to a personal still life piece.

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Lesson 1: Tints and shades

Analysing different painting techniques, comparing paintings by artists according to elements such as texture or colour and practising creating tints and shades when colour mixing.

Learning Objective

To investigate different ways of applying paint. To mix tints and shades of a colour.

Lesson 2: Three dimensions

Children learn more about the effect of light on colour in everyday life and in art. Applying what they learned previously, they paint a simple object, mixing and using tints and shades to give the appearance of three dimensions.

Learning Objective

To use tints and shades to give a three-dimensional effect when painting

Lesson 3: Painting techniques

Exploring different painting techniques and recreating them when painting a simple 3D object.

Learning Objective

To explore how paint can create very different effects

Lesson 4: Composition

Exploring still life and comparing compositions, the children create their own plan for a finished still-life painting.

Learning Objective

To consider proportion and composition when planning a still-life painting

Lesson 5: Still life

Having experimented with painting techniques, the children paint a still life that showcases their own unique style.

Learning Objective

To apply knowledge of colour mixing and painting techniques to create a finished piece