Drawing: Make your mark

Exploring mark making and line; working and experimenting with different materials through observational and collaborative pieces.


Lesson 1: Exploring line

Using the work of Bridget Riley as a stimulus, children explore the use of line in art; developing their understanding of how lines can look different and begin to think about ways to make them. The children use this knowledge to create a series of line drawings by arranging pieces of string to create different shapes, which are then drawn using pencils and chalk.

Learning Objective

To know how to create different types of lines

Lesson 2: Making waves

Inspired by water and the artwork of Zaria Forman, children continue to explore lines but in a more expressive way. They will be using music to draw lines and marks that reflect their response to what they hear, creating a large collaborative piece.

Learning Objective

To explore line and mark-making to draw water

Lesson 3: Experimenting with media

Inspired by famous abstract artists, including Kandinsky, children draw around and overlap 2D shapes to create an abstract composition, filling each shape with a different colour and medium

Learning Objective

To draw with different media

Lesson 4: Mark making

Exploring mark making through observational drawing, developing an understanding of techniques and learning to look carefully when drawing.

Learning Objective

To develop an understanding of mark making

Lesson 5: Drawing from observation

Children apply their drawing skills and knowledge from the previous four lessons to create an observational drawing piece that allows them to experiment with marks, materials and show good observation.

Learning Objective

To apply an understanding of drawing materials and mark-making to draw from observation