Mixed-age Year 5/6

UKS2 French lessons tailored to the needs of a mixed-age setting. The lessons follow a 'Cycle A and Cycle B' format to ensure progression of skills across the age range. The Cycle A scheme will be ready to teach from 1st 2022 and Cycle B will be available to teach from September 1st 2023. Please see our mixed-age long-term plan for the advised unit order delivery.

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Y5/6 Cycle A

Y5/6: Portraits - describing in French (Cycle A)

Learning adjectives for describing people’s physical appearance and their personality. Creating simple sentences ensuring that the adjectives agree with the gender of the noun.

Y5/6: Meet my French family (Cycle A)

This UKS2 mixed-age unit draws on vocabulary and grammar learned in Years 3, 4 and 5, introduces family and relations vocabulary, the possessive adjective, my, and how to express likes and dislikes.

Y5/6: Clothes - getting dressed in France (Cycle A)

Learning vocabulary to describe items of clothing, along with the different forms of the indefinite article. Incorporating previous learning about colour into their descriptions of clothing and recapping the concept of adjectival agreement. Expressing their opinions about outfits in French.

Y5/6: French weather (Cycle A)

Learning phrases to describe the weather and vocabulary for the compass points; counting from 1 -100 in multiples of ten; combining this knowledge to make statements about what the temperature is in different parts of France and to deliver a weather forecast.

Y5/6 Exploring the French speaking world (Cycle A)

Discovering the many countries in the world that speak French, giving and following directions in French and discussing climate using comparative language.

Y5/6: Planning a French holiday (Cycle A)

A mixed-age Y5/6 unit. The children learn to use a combination of present and near-future tenses, and become familiar with holiday-related vocabulary around packing a suitcase and planning a journey. They explore which countries they might visit and why and ultimately research and plan a holiday to France.

Y5/6 Cycle B

Y5/6: French transport (Cycle B)

Children use language detective skills to spot cognates, learn transport-related vocabulary and construct sentences using parts of the verb ‘aller‘ with prepositions. 

Y5/6: In my French house (Cycle B)

This unit will be available from 16th October 2023.

Y5/6: Music in France (Cycle B)

This unit will be available from 1st December 2023.

Y5/6: French verbs in a week (Cycle B)

This unit will be available from 1st December 2023.

Y5/6: Visiting a town in France (Cycle B)

This unit will be available from 1st December 2023.

Y5/6: French sport and the Olympics (Cycle B)

This unit will be available from 1st January 2024.