Programming: ScratchJr

Using the app ‘ScratchJr’ children; explore what ‘blocks’ do by carrying out an informative cycle of predict > test > review, programme a familiar story and an animation of an animal, make their own musical instrument by creating buttons and recording sounds and follow an algorithm to record a joke

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Lesson 1: Using ScratchJr

Tinkering with ScratchJr independently, children build a program by dragging 'blocks' then running their code, learning that each block has a different attribute, predicting, exploring and explaining throughout


Lesson 2: Creating an animation

Using the blue 'movement' blocks children work as a class to realistically mimic the movement of a fly, learning that giving the computer two instructions makes for a more natural movement, before moving on to programming their own animals


Lesson 3: Making a musical instrument

Children use the green 'sound' blocks to create a musical instrument, selecting the microphone option to record sounds and design their instrument outline and the buttons to make it play


Lesson 4: Programming a joke

Following an algorithm children programme their own joke by designing a background, adding one or two relevant characters and using the green sound blocks to record their voice


Lesson 5: 'The Three Little Pigs' algorithms

Children put into practice all they have learnt, using a mixture of blocks to programme the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'