Food: Fruit and vegetables

Children handle and explore fruits and vegetables and learn how to identify which category they fall into, before undertaking taste testing to establish their chosen ingredients for the smoothie they will make a design packaging for

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Lesson 1: Fruit or vegetable?

Children learn to identify a fruit from a vegetable, and put this knowledge into practice, handling a selection of both and deciding which category they fall within


Lesson 2: Where fruit and vegetables grow

After learning how to sort fruits from vegetables by looking for seeds, pupils find that where these edible plants grow is another clue as to their classification, some children might also explore which part of these plants we eat


Lesson 3: Smoothie ingredients tasting

Children taste a selection of potential fruit and vegetable smoothie ingredients, describing their appearance, smell and taste and then deciding which they would like to include in their smoothies


Lesson 4: Making smoothies

Using their chosen ingredients from Lesson 3, children blend their fruits and vegetables to make smoothies and design packaging for their drinks, to reflect the ingredients