Musical Me

In this topic children learn to sing the song ‘Once a Man Fell in a Well’ and to play it using tuned percussion, adding sound effects, experimenting with timbre and dynamics and using letter notation to write a melody

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Lesson 1: Once a Man fell in a Well

Children learn the song 'Once a Man Fell in the Well' and use untuned percussion instruments to play the pulse, and imitate specific words from the song before performing as a class


Lesson 2: Dynamics and Timbre

Children begin to understand that all instruments have their own unique ‘timbre’ and that composers use this and dynamics to show different emotions in their music, pupils then experiment by singing 'Once a Man Fell in the Well' in different ways


Lesson 3: Melody

Pupils learn that letter notation is used to record the names of the notes and the order in which they are to be played, then use this understanding to play a song using tuned percussion instruments and practice performing in time as a class


Lesson 4: My own Melody

Children create a melody of their own, making up their music first and then writing it down, using letter name notation


Lesson 5: Group Composition

Working in groups, children compose a piece of music that uses dynamics and timbre to reflect an emotion, first choosing and playing their instruments and then making decisions about the structure and sound of the piece before rehearsing and performing