Geography: Mixed-age Year 5/6

UKS2 Geography lessons tailored to the requirements of a mixed-age setting.

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The mixed-age units follow a Cycle A and Cycle B format to ensure progression of skills for children across the age range.

Year 5/6 Cycle A

Y5/6: What is life like in the Alps? (Cycle A)

Considering the climate of mountain ranges and why people choose to visit the Alps; focusing on Innsbruck and looking at the human and physical features that attract tourists; investigating tourism in the local area and mapping recreational land use; presenting findings to compare the Alps to the children’s own locality.

Y5/6: Would you like to live in the desert? (Cycle A)

Exploring hot desert biomes and learning about the physical features of a desert and how humans interact with this environment.

Y5/6: Where does our energy come from? (Cycle A)

Learning about renewable and non-renewable energy sources, where they come from and their impact on society, the economy and the environment.


Year 5/6 Cycle B

Y5/6: Why does population change? (Cycle B)

Investigating why certain parts of the world are more populated than others; exploring birth and death rates; discussing social, economic and environmental push and pull factors; learning about the population in Britain and its impacts.

Y5/6: Why do oceans matter? (Cycle B)

Exploring the importance of our oceans and how they have changed over time with a focus on the Great Barrier Reef, specifically addressing climate change and pollution.


Y5/6: Can I carry out an independent fieldwork enquiry? (Cycle B)

Observing, measuring, recording and presenting their own fieldwork study of the local area. 

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