Year 1 Safety and the changing body

Learning how to respond to adults in different situations; distinguishing appropriate and inappropriate physical contact; understanding what to do if lost and how to call the emergency services; identifying: hazards in the home and people in the community who keep us safe. Q&A Teacher videos with PSHE & Digital safety specialists on the themes of Healthy & safe relationships and Digital safety.

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Lesson 1: Adults in school

Understanding who the adults are who work in school, and how to speak to them.

Lesson 2: Adults outside of school

Understanding how to speak with adults in different situations outside school and what to do if worried by anything that an adult says or does.

Lesson 3: Getting lost

Understanding what to do if we get lost

Lesson 4: Making an emergency phone call

Exploring what is an emergency and using role-play to learn how to call the emergency services

Lesson 5: Appropriate contact

Understanding the difference between acceptable and unacceptable physical contact.

Lesson 6: Safety with substances

Learning what is safe to go on or in the body, and why some things should never go into the body.

Lesson 7: Safety at home

Learning about hazards in the home and how to avoid these dangers.

Lesson 8: People who help to keep us safe

Learning about the jobs of people in the local community who help to keep us safe.

Assess your pupils

Assessment quiz and Knowledge catcher. These can be used at the start of the unit to access where pupils are in their learning as well as the end of the unit to assess progress. Go to assessment resources

Teacher video: Healthy & safe relationships

Q&A with PSHE & RSE Consultant and teacher Kate Daniels

Teacher video: Digital safety

Q&A with Digital safety & CEOP Ambassador Cat Lamin