Lesson 4: Exploring rhythms

Children are taught about rhythmic elements contained in the theme of Benjamin Britten's 'The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra' and learn to play TIKI-TIKI, TI-TIKI and TIKI-TI rhythms in 3/4 time

Before the lesson

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Learning objective

  • To play TIKI-TIKI, TI-TIKI and TIKI-TI rhythms in 3/4 time

National curriculum

Pupils should be taught to:

  • Listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory
  • Use and understand staff and other musical notations

Success criteria

Cross-curricular links

Attention grabber

Main event


Pupils needing extra support: Can use the Activity: New rhythms to take a closer at the rhythms, and you could point to the relevant rhythms as the track goes along.


Pupils working at greater depth: Ask the children if they can relate these rhythms to their official note names.

TIKI-TIKI = semiquavers

TI-TIKI = quaver followed by two semiquavers

TIKI-TI = two semiquavers followed by a quaver

Challenge the children to see if they can work out how many counts each section of the rhythm has.  (The whole rhythmic element adds up to one beat.  A quaver is half a beat, and a semi-quaver is a quarter of a beat.)

Wrapping up

Assessing pupils' progress and understanding


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