Digital world: Electronic charm

Children design, code, make and promote a Micro:bit electronic charm to use in low-light conditions, developing their understanding of programming to monitor and control their products. *New*

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Lesson 1: Smart wearables

Pupils explore wearable technology before discovering how a micro:bit can be used to problem-solve a product design scenario

Lesson 2: Programming an eCharm

Pupils write a program to initiate a flashing LED panel using the Micro:bit light sensing, as part of their eCharm

Lesson 3: eCharm pouches

Children create and decorate a foam pouch for their eCharm, using a template

Lesson 4: Point of sale displays

Children design a point of sale display badge and/or stand using CAD (computer-aided design) software to accompany their eCharm if it were to go on sale in a shop.