Craft and design: Ancient Egyptian scrolls

Developing design and craft skills taking inspiration from Ancient Egyptian art and pattern and paper making. 

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Lesson 1: Exploring Ancient Egyptian art

Exploring Ancient Egyptian art and learning about how and why it was created. Responding through drawing patterns and shapes using mixed media and an experimental approach to drawing.

Learning Objective

To investigate the style, pattern and characteristics of Ancient Egyptian art

Lesson 2: Designing scrolls

Creating a brief to explore design ideas for an Ancient Egyptian-inspired scroll.

Learning Objective

To apply design skills inspired by the style of an ancient civilisation

Lesson 3: Making paper

Making a modern-day version of papyrus style paper

Learning Objective

To apply understanding of ancient techniques to construct a new material.

Lesson 4: Scroll making

Translating scroll designs from sketchbooks onto the paper made in the previous lesson.

Learning Objective

To apply drawing and painting skills in the style of an ancient civilisation

Lesson 5: Making zines

Creating a contemporary response (zine) to share learning about the Ancient Egyptians and their art

Learning Objective

To apply an understanding of Egyptian art to develop a contemporary response