Primary School Art Club Projects

Are you an art subject leader and thinking of running an after school art club? Or maybe a lunchtime art club? Or are you trying to move gifted and talented children on in their art skills and enjoyment? We’ve come up with lots of ideas for primary school art clubs that are a) doable and b) enjoyable for all. As a teacher, it’s often only in school club time that you get an accurate view of the skills and talents that children already possess. This is incredibly rewarding, satisfying and quite simply – will make you smile and love your job. Some of these art project ideas link to the Kapow Primary art lessons – feel free to browse those for ideas as well.

Primary School Art Club Projects

  • Make a whole club mural where everyone paints a small part. You can use cheap or recycled ceramic tiles to get a mozaic type effect. Have a theme, for example, history of our school, our local area, or go bigger – the sky, the ocean, our dreams.
  • Show a picture of an artist and then do a research project around that person, stimulating ideas and discussion around their style and inspiration. Then come up with art ideas each child can do based around that artist’s work and art medium. Oil pastels are a great way to recreate some of the famous impressionists’ work.
  • Create comic books or illustrate the children’s stories.
  • Decorate a t shirt using either fabric pens, embroidery, tie dye or all of these! Get children to ideate then design, then do.
  • Make seasonal crafts, e.g. Christmas tree decorations, Easter baskets, Bonfire night rockets. Children have little chance to do projects like this once they leave Early Years so it’s a great opportunity to get creative and something really nice to take home to parents.
  • Give each child a sketchbook and each week practise developing drawings and looking at one another’s work to get ideas and positively critique. Give a starting point, for example landscapes, and then see where the children’s creativity takes them. Click here for some examples.
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  • Photography! Give children a stimulus, for example – “beauty around us”, or “the natural world” and set them going! They can use iPads or iPods for photography and then use free apps like Canva to set the images in a booklet to print. Our photography lesson ideas will help you as well.
  • Origami projects. Read the story of Sadako and her wish to make a thousand origami cranes in order to be granted one wish;  that she would live after the Hiroshima bombing. Challenge the children to do simple origami models and then find more and more complicated instructions. Something to sell at the school fayre as well.
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  • Use Fimo to make broaches and badges – these are also great for gifts for children to give to parents. Or have a display morning where parents can come and look at the children’s creations.
  • Use commonly recycled materials to make a sculpture! Use our lesson ideas to get you started. Put these in prominent places around school to stimulate discussion or even writing afterwards.
  • Art from around the world projects. Together, research different types of art from around the world and give each child a country to cover. Ask them to come up with their own take on that country’s traditional art and see what they come up with.
  • Free rein! Give children free access to your school’s art trolley complete with glue sticks, pom poms, paint and clay and see what they want to do. Be led by their interests.
  • Get going with charcoal! Use our prehistoric art project ideas to help you get started. Children love this.


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