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Published 15 September 2023 by Kapow Primary

Welcome to Kapow Primary!

Find out what Kapow Primary has to offer, where to find it and how to use the website.

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Getting started

So, you’ve signed up to Kapow Primary, what next? 

You should have already received your welcome email and website login details. Use them to log in here. No email? Check your spam folder, and if it’s not there, please email our team at [email protected] and they’ll be able to help.

For a quick introduction and 5-minute tour of the site, check out our Getting Started with Kapow Primary video.


Navigating the website

When you log in, you’ll be taken straight to your dashboard. This is where you can see which subjects you can access and other information about your subscription. You can return to your dashboard anytime by hovering over your name in the top right-hand corner.

Example of user dashboard

To visit the homepage, simply click on the Kapow Primary logo in the top left-hand corner. 

From the homepage or your dashboard, there are two ways to explore each subject: 

  • On the homepage, use the subject buttons to visit the subject homepages, where you’ll find links to all the lessons by year group.
Homepage screen showing subject buttons
  • Use the mega menu at the top of the website. Hover over a subject until a dropdown menu appears. This allows you to see, at a glance, the units and lessons for each subject. Really handy if you know what you’re looking for and want to get there in one click. 
Homepage displaying the mega menu and access to units

Subject homepages

A good starting point for each subject is the subject homepage, where you can find everything you need, including links to key subject documents. Most also include an introductory video explaining where to start with subject implementation. Explore the subject homepages here:

Art & Design




Design & Technology










Religion & Worldviews


RSE & PSHE Science Spanish Wellbeing (Free for all users)


Planning documents

Before diving into the lessons, it’s important to check out the planning resources for each subject. 

Kapow Primary’s long-term plans explain how each subject is organised around national curriculum objectives with a spiral curriculum design. They introduce subject-specific features and provide an overview of all units. 

The long-term plans show how each unit fits into the academic year. There is also guidance on the order of units, as some of them need to be taught in a specific order. 

We recognise that different schools may have different needs, so we provide:


To support our curriculum plans, we also have:

Exploring the lessons 

Example of lesson plan from Year 3 DT unit

A breakdown of a lesson from our Year 3: Mechanical systems unit in D&T. 

A typical lesson page will feature: 

  • Lesson title
  • Learning objective and success criteria
  • Expandable sections outlining national curriculum and cross-curricular links
  • ‘Before the lesson’: where you’ll find teacher CPD videos/teacher knowledge and guidance on lesson preparation
  • The lesson plan: recap and recall, attention grabber, main event and wrapping up
  • Expandable sections with guidance on adaptive teaching, assessment and vocabulary
  • Overview of other lessons in the unit
  • Lesson presentation 
  • Lesson plan downloads – including an editable version – so that you can adapt the lesson to suit the needs of your class


Some subjects have varying requirements, so may differ slightly from the above outline.



At Kapow Primary, you can choose from a variety of assessment resources, including unit quizzes, knowledge catchers (or skills catchers in History) and assessment spreadsheets.

Example of assessment resources from DT Year 3 unit

An example of assessment resources from our D&T Year 3: Mechanical systems unit. 

Knowledge organisers

Every unit has a ready-made knowledge organiser; these are ideal for beginning a unit, referring to during lessons and as an assessment tool. Our blog Using knowledge organisers in the primary classroom has some creative tips for using them in your classroom.


Subject leader resources

At Kapow Primary, we support subject leaders to integrate their subject(s) into the broader school curriculum. As well as all the planning and assessment resources above, we also support subject leaders with:


Integrated CPD videos

Many of our lessons are accompanied by short, in-depth teacher videos to increase subject knowledge and confidence. Integrating CPD into the lesson plans ensures it is relevant, easily accessed and delivered at the point of use.


An example of our Mouth Mechanics®️ CPD videos in French (also available for Spanish), designed to support teachers with pronunciation and teach confidently.

Many of our lessons also include a pupil video, which can be used to demonstrate skills within the lesson. These original videos are created by subject specialists to help support children’s learning in the classroom. They’re helpful to leave on loop while the children are working, so they can refer back to them for assistance.

Still looking for something…?

  • The search bar is visible on all website pages. This is useful for general searches or if you have something specific in mind and want to see if we have relevant resources.
  • Insightful blog posts that are both subject-specific and curriculum-based. 
  • We have several engaged Facebook groups you can join.
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We hope you enjoy your experience with Kapow Primary!

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