Original Wellbeing scheme

The pre-2023 Wellbeing scheme of work. Includes lessons and planning.

Original Wellbeing scheme

This is our original scheme of work for Wellbeing. There is a revised scheme available.

Key stages one and two

Year 1

Wellbeing: My world

Developing good mental health habits; learning about ourselves and exploring what different emotions are and how we can respond to these feelings.

Year 2

Wellbeing: Looking out

Developing awareness and understanding of other people’s feelings and emotions, investigating strategies for dealing with difficult situations and emotions and learning about growth mindset.

Year 3

Wellbeing: Getting to know me

Developing a sense of identity; understanding strengths and the different groups and communities we belong to. Reflecting on what makes us special, helping those around us, our mental and physical health.

Year 4

Wellbeing: My place in the world

Exploring the concept of purpose, looking at the importance of different emotions we experience, considering what we are good at and enjoy and understanding the importance of a balanced diet.

Year 5

Wellbeing: Being responsible

Focusing on developing independence and the increased responsibility that accompanies this, including safety and taking ownership of their happiness; setting goals, maintaining successful relationships with others and managing their emotions.

Year 6

Wellbeing: Looking forward

Exploring: conflict resolution, resilience and growth mindset, relaxation strategies and taking increased responsibility for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Teacher skills

Teacher Skills

Wellbeing skills videos exploring a range of the most prevalent behavioural and mental health conditions.