French sport and the Olympics

Pupils conjugate the verb 'aller'- to go, identify correct prepositions, learn sports vocabulary, how to express preferences plus the infinitive. They expand their knowledge of country names and develop their cultural knowledge of Pétanque, the Tour de France and the Olympics, consolidating their learning by writing a magazine article about participating in the Olympic Games.

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Lesson 1: Sports in French

Spotting sports cognates and learning the names of some sports in French, learning how to say that you play a sport and how to express, orally and in writing, an opinion about sports.

Lesson 2: France and around the world

Building on their learning of country names from Year 5, the children identify the geographical locations of different countries round the world and learning the French name for these countries, spotting cognates and understanding other language detective clues.

Lesson 3: France - Ready to go!

Learning the verb 'aller' (to go) and how to conjugate in the present tense. Using the correct preposition with 'aller' to be able to say that I or someone is going to a country

Lesson 4: La compétition - Le Tour de France

Learning about the Tour de France cycling competition and becoming familiar with the names of various P.E. action verbs, reinforcing learning through a board game.

Lesson 5: French boules - pétanque

Children develop their cultural awareness, learning how to play pétanque and having a go at this famous French game; practising using the infinitive of the P.E. verbs learned in Lesson 4 with an opinion to say what sports they like, love or don't like playing.

Lesson 6: The French go to the Olympic Games

Learning about the ancient and modern Olympic Games and writing the answers to a magazine interview article in French about taking part in an Olympic sport, using vocabulary and grammar from the unit.