Year 4 Art and design: Sculpture

In this topic, children’s work is influenced by a range of inspirational sculptors as they explore and use unusual objects to create their own 3D works of art. As well as having the opportunity to create drums and maracas from recycled materials, pupils also look at different techniques, such as wax resist and collages to create different effects

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Lesson 1: Making maracas from recycled materials

Inspired by STOMP, the children create maracas using plastic bottles and decorate them with patterns typical of West African countries.

Lesson 2: Sculpture from recycled materials (Drums)

Pupils recycle metal tins, turning them into drums (or castles), and use wax resist techniques to decorate the drums in original ways.

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Lesson 3: Arcimboldo

Inspired by the work of Arcimboldo, and using the idea of turning objects into something new, pupils create a fruity face collage.

Lesson 4: Sokari Douglas Camp (Original scheme)

Exploring the work of sculptor, Sokari Douglas Camp, pupils use themselves as an active part of their own sculptures.

Lesson 5: El Anatsui (Original scheme)

Drawing once more on the idea of recycled materials, pupils look at the beautiful work of El Anatsui, using the same themes to create their own sculpture.

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