Mechanical systems: Automata toys

Using woodworking materials and skills, pupils construct a window display using an automata mechanism; measuring and cutting their materials, assembling the frame, choosing cams, designing the characters that sit on the followers and also finishing with a foreground and background. ***NEW Knowledge organiser***

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Lesson 1: Making the Frame

Using the cutting list provided and an engineers square, children carefully measure, mark and cut the materials required to make a frame, drilling holes into their pieces as required


Lesson 2: Assembling the Frame

Children continue to cut the pieces for their automata frame then assemble it using a glue gun


Lesson 3: Experimenting with cams

After experimenting with a number of cams, pupils discover that the motion of the cam depends on its shape and based on their research, decide on the cams they will use in their automata toys


Lesson 4: Finishing touches

Using card children make a background and foreground for their frame by measuring against their framework, then secure the cams with a glue gun and attach the followers with tape