Mechanical Systems: Making a slingshot car

Children transform lollipop sticks, wheels, dowels and straws into a moving car. They will be using a glue gun to construct the materials, making the launch mechanism, designing and also making the body of the vehicle using nets and assembling these to the chassis

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Lesson 1: Chassis and launch mechanism

Using a range of materials children follow instructions to make the chassis of their car and the slingshot launch mechanism, learning that their slingshot cars work by storing kinetic energy in the elastic band before it launches

Lesson 2: Designing the car body

Understanding that the shape of a car body can either increase or decrease the speed it travels, children design car bodies to cover their chassis from Lesson 1

Lesson 3: Making the car body

Children make the nets for their car bodies based on their designs, adding the graphics and tabs that will attach to the chassis

Lesson 4: Assembly and testing

After attaching the nets that they made in Lesson 3, children carry out time trials and other competitions to test and compare their cars

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