In this topic pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of dynamics, timbre, tempo and instruments, identifying them in music that they hear and to compare pieces by the same composer. They visually represent music in creative and more formal ways and learn to play and compose motifs.

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Lesson 1: Space Soundtrack

Pupils use their voices to make sounds to represent space, creating atmosphere by using dynamics


Lesson 2: Listening to Space

Listening to space inspired music, pupils respond creatively by drawing what they hear and then identify the dynamics, instruments and mood of the pieces of music


Lesson 3: Comparing Planets

Pupils compare two pieces of music by the same composer, using their developing musical vocabulary to explain differences and changes in tempo, dynamics, timbre and the instruments used


Lesson 4: Planet Motif

Pupils play and create motifs (short sequences of sound), notating or writing down their compositions


Lesson 5: Journey to Space

Pupils combine their soundscapes from Lesson 1 with their motifs from Lesson 4 to create and perform longer piece of music