Food: Eating seasonally

Children discover when and where fruits and vegetables are grown and also learn about seasonality in the UK. They will also learn about the relationship between the colour of fruits and vegetables and their health benefits by making three dishes using seasonal ingredients.

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Lesson 1: Where in the world?

Children identify the different climates in which fruits and vegetables grow, and follow a recipe to make Japanese fruit skewers with plum sauce


Lesson 2: British seasonal foods

Children learn that for some foods to be in our supermarkets all year round, we have to import them from other countries then bake a fruit crumble, using seasonal British fruits


Lesson 3: Rainbow food

After learning that fruits and vegetables of the same colour have similar health benefits, pupils design a seasonal tart using a variety of vegetables to provide a range of nutrients as well as being sourced within the UK, reducing the impact on the environment


Lesson 4: Making tarts

Using the seasonal ingredients they specified in their 'Tart Design Brief' in Lesson 3, children make their seasonal tart, covering a rectangle of puff pastry with a tomato base and topping it with cheese, their choice of vegetables, olive oil and basil