Year 1 Pulse and rhythm (Theme: All about me)

This introductory topic includes lots of activities for getting to know one another. Through listening to a range of different music and playing games, children learn to identify the difference between the pulse and rhythm of a song and consolidate their understanding of these concepts through listening and performing activities. Can be made COVID-19 appropriate by sanitising instruments and omitting the singing elements.

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Lesson 1: Pulse and rhythm: My favourite things

Children learn how to feel the pulse in music and experiment with percussion instruments. To be Covid-appropriate, you could sanitise the percussion instruments, or teach the lesson without instruments.

Lesson 2: Pulse and rhythm: You've got a friend

Children learn to play rhythms on untuned percussion instruments to deepen their understanding of pulse and rhythm.

Lesson 3: Pulse and rhythm: Dance, dance, dance

Children develop their ‘thinking voice’ by internalising the pulse when listening to music. To be Covid-19 appropriate, the instruments can be replaced with clapping.

Lesson 4: Pulse and rhythm: Happy

Through the 'call and response' method, pupils listen out for rhythms and then repeat them

Lesson 5: Pulse and rhythm: Practise makes perfect

After identifying the pulse in several songs, pupils practise performing either the pulse or rhythm to highlight the differences between the two