Online safety: Year 1

Learning about online safety, including using useful tips to stay safe when online; how to manage feelings and emotions when someone or something has upset us online; learning about the responsibility we have as online users; exploring the idea of a 'digital footprint'

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Lesson 1: Using the internet safely

Learning what the internet is and how to use it safely and knowing what to do when someone says something unkind online. Children create their own ‘Online safety top tips booklet’ for keeping safe online

Learning Objective

To know what the internet is and how to use it safely

Lesson 2: Online emotions

Discovering which devices connect to the internet, finding out top tips for staying safe online and how using the internet can affect our emotions. Designing an animal mask with top tips for using the internet safely

Learning Objective

To understand different feelings when using the internet

Lesson 3: Always be kind and considerate

Recapping the top four tips for staying on the internet, learning about the responsibility we each have as an online user and what to do if something upsets us online

Learning Objective

To understand how to treat others, both online and in-person

Lesson 4: Posting and sharing online

Exploring what is meant by the term 'digital footprint', knowing how we can ensure that the things we share and post online do not negatively impact us

Learning Objective

To understand the importance of being careful about what we post and share online

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