Classic music, dynamics and tempo (Theme: Animals)

Children use their bodies and instruments to listen and respond to pieces of classical music that represent animals. They learn and perform a song as a class and compose a short section of music as a group, with a focus on dynamics and tempo.

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Lesson 1: Classical music, dynamics and tempo: Percussive animals

Moving expressively in response to music and exploring how different instruments can be used to represent animals

Lesson 2: Classical music, dynamics and tempo: Singing animals

Listening and moving to classical pieces of animal themed music and learning a song from memory as a class

Lesson 3: Classical music, dynamics and tempo: Performing animals

Clapping the syllables to simple rhythms, children develop their understanding of rhythm, then transform the song from Lesson 2 into a performance with the addition of dynamics and percussion

Lesson 4: Classical music, dynamics and tempo: Composing animals

Using percussion instruments, the children create a class improvisation of a piece of music representing a tortoise, eagle, cheetah and an eagle, focussing on improving the overall sound through their timing, tempo and dynamics

Lesson 5: Classical music, dynamics and tempo: The story of the lion

In response to a story, children work in groups to create compositions for sections of the story, selecting appropriate instruments and focusing on tempo and dynamics, before joining their pieces together to perform as a class