Sonic Pi

Engaging, purposeful and fun, this topic has everything you need to captivate your pupils and get them addicted to coding. Through Sonic Pi, children can combine their knowledge of music and related terminology, with their formidable programming skills to create different sounds, beats and melodies which are put to the test with a live Battle of the Bands performance!

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Lesson 1: Tinkering With Sonic Pi

Children are introduced to Sonic Pi and given the opportunity to explore its capabilities and learn about debugging

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Lesson 2: Sonic Soundtracks: Free lesson

Using their programming skills, pupils create a piece of music based upon a given theme, including the use of loops

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Lesson 3: Musical Storytelling

After observing how music can affect the mood of a film scene, pupils compose their own soundtrack to a story, considering the pitch, tempo, timbre and rhythm of their piece

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Lesson 4: Live Loops

Building on Lesson 3, the children are introduced to live loops to create a repeating beat or rhythm

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Lesson 5: Battle of the Bands

The topic culminates in a Battle of the Bands which sees pupils playing their music live and adapting their code as they perform

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