Programming: Bee-Bot

Children are introduced to programming through a Bee-Bot; exploring its functions, creating a video to explain its capabilities, undertaking an unplugged activity, creating a world for Bee-Bot to explore and programming their Bee-Bot to tell a story

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Lesson 1: Getting to know a Bee-Bot

Pupils explore the Bee-Bot device, predicting what it might do, trying out the buttons and explaining the outcome


Lesson 2: Making a Bee-Bot video

Working in groups, children make an explanatory video describing how to use a Bee-Bot, considering which functions they should include


Lesson 3: Precise instructions

In this 'unplugged' lesson instead of using technology, the children physically assume the roles of programmer (giving instructions) and Bee-Bot (carrying out the instructions)


Lesson 4: Bee-Bot world

Using a map template to create a Bee-Bot world, children then work in pairs, programming their Bee-Bots with specific instructions to navigate the map and reach an intended destination


Lesson 5: Three little pigs

Following the story of the 'Three little pigs' and working in pairs, children take it in turns to direct the Bee-Bot from its previous destination to alternate images on a themed Bee-Bot map