Wellbeing: Looking Out

In this topic, children begin to use their understanding of emotions and look outwards to get a better understanding of other people’s thoughts and feelings as well as recognising their strengths and how to help. As part of learning about a growth mindset, children attempt different challenges and investigate different strategies for dealing with difficult situations and emotions.

Choose your lesson

Lesson 1: Wonderful me! > Experiencing different feelings

Children reflect on how it feels to experience different emotions, including conflicting emotions, noticing their effects on their bodies.


Lesson 2: People Around Me > Other people’s feelings

Using an inspirational story, pupils consider what other people might be thinking and feeling to help develop their ability to empathise with others.


Lesson 3: Meaning and Purpose > Steps to Success

Children identify their strengths and areas they would like to develop, creating goals to help them achieve these.


Lesson 4: Resilience > Developing a Growth Mindset

Whilst undertaking activities designed to test their resilience, children record their attempts at success and then explore strategies to help them to persevere and remain determined to succeed even when things are hard.


Lesson 5: Healthy Body, Healthy Brain > Being Active

With inspiration from Mo Farah, children learn the importance of exercise and consider different and fun ways of staying active.


Lesson 6: Relaxation > Breathing Exercises

Children explore how relaxation affects the body and mind and practice different breathing exercises while considering the most appropriate times to use them.