Wellbeing: Looking out

Developing awareness and understanding of other people’s feelings and emotions, investigating strategies for dealing with difficult situations and emotions and learning about growth mindset.

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Lesson 1: Wonderful me! Experiencing different feelings

There’s more than one way to relax! Pupils learn two different techniques for helping them to relax; progressive muscle relaxation and laughter, both useful tools to be used in different situations.

Lesson 2: People around me: Other people’s feelings

Using an inspirational story, pupils consider what other people might be thinking and feeling to help develop their ability to empathise with others.

Lesson 3: Meaning and purpose: Steps to success

Children identify their strengths and areas they would like to develop, creating goals to help them achieve these.

Lesson 4: Resilience: Developing a growth mindset

Children record their attempts at success and then explore strategies to help them to persevere and remain determined to succeed even when things are hard.

Lesson 5: Healthy body, healthy brain: Being active

With inspiration from Dina Asher-Smith, children learn the importance of exercise and consider different and fun ways of staying active.

Lesson 6: Relaxation: Breathing exercises

Children explore how relaxation affects the body and mind and practice different breathing exercises while considering the most appropriate times to use them.