Relationships and Sex Education

  • Full curriculum coverage
  • 100+ child friendly lesson plans
  • Expert interview videos to develop teacher subject knowledge
  • Animated puberty videos for children
  • Information for parents

Be RSE Ready!

Relationships and Sex Education will become compulsory for all primary schools from September 2020. How can you ensure your school is curriculum compliant and your colleagues are ready to teach all that is required?


Our RSE content, coming this Spring, is co-authored by PSHE specialists and designed to support teachers with their subject knowledge, and provide easy to follow engaging lessons for pupils.

Curriculum Overview




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Our approach

  • Expert interview videos for teachers to develop their subject knowledge and confidence

  • Animated puberty videos for pupils

  • Full curriculum coverage

  • Additional resources such as parent information and a progression of learning guide

The resources will cover nine areas:

  • Changing adolescent body

  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

  • Families

  • Friendships

  • Health prevention and first aid

  • Healthy and safe relationships

  • Internet safety

  • Mental wellbeing

  • Physical health and safety

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