Textiles: Cushions

Having already learnt the basics of sewing and decorating fabric in earlier years, this topic offers extra challenge by introducing two new skills to add to their repertoire: cross stitch and appliqué. After learning these techniques, they apply their knowledge to the design, decoration and assembly of their very own cushions

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Lesson 1: Cross-stitch and appliqué

The children are introduced to cross stitch and the decorative sewing technique appliqué and experiment with trying these stitches independently.

Lesson 2: Cushion design

Pupils design their own cushions, adhering to set design criteria, which includes the use of cross stitch and appliqué.

Lesson 3: Decorating my cushion

Using appliqué and cross-stitch, pupils decorate their cushions in accordance with their designs

Lesson 4: Assembling my cushion

Children complete their cushions, sewing the edges, stuffing them and using the decorative pieces of materials from the previous lesson

Assess your pupils

Assessment quiz and Knowledge catcher. These can be used at the start of the unit to access where pupils are in their learning as well as the end of the unit to assess progress. Go to assessment resources