Textiles: Cushions

Having already learnt the basics of sewing and decorating fabric in earlier years, this topic offers extra challenge by introducing two new skills to add to their repertoire: cross stitch and appliqué. After learning these techniques, they apply their knowledge to the design, decoration and assembly of their very own cushions

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Lesson 1: Cross Stitch and Appliqué

Pupils start the topic by reviewing their sewing skills and learning two new techniques: cross stitch and appliqué


Lesson 2: Cushion Design

After evaluating a range of cushions, pupils design one of their own, ensuring that it satisfies the design criteria


Lesson 3: Decorating my Cushion

Using appliqué and cross stitch, pupils decorate their cushions in accordance with their designs


Lesson 4: Assembling my Cushion

Children complete their cushions, sewing the edges, stuffing them and using the decorative pieces of materials from the previous lesson