Lesson 1: Teamwork

In this first lesson, children are shown what collaborative work means and create a set of class rules to ensure that working together runs smoothly

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding that software can be used collaboratively online to work as a team

  • Understanding how to work with a partner without being in the same room

  • Contributing to teamwork sensibly and responsibly

  • Recognising what behaviour is appropriate when collaborating online

Lesson Plan

Working collaboratively online
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Teacher Video: Teamwork

Presentation: Teamwork


Google Classroom set-up
Created by:
Siobhan Morgan,  
Computing specialist
Head of Computing at Exeter Junior School, Siobhan Morgan has nine years of computing teaching experience as well as experience from her role of ‘Subject Genius for Computing’ on TES. Siobhán enjoys spending time with her family and searching for the Gruffalo…
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