Resource Bank: Planning materials for D&T

A collection of resources to support in the delivery of primary school Design and technology lessons:

  • Long-term plans to assist in planning the delivery of the Kapow Primary Design and technology lessons. We offer a standard and condensed version of our plans, as well as one to support mixed-age teaching, to suit the needs of your school.
  • A combined long-term plan for Design and technology and Art and design.
  • A suggested plan for teaching Design and technology to mixed age group classes using Kapow Primary's scheme of work.
  • A year-by-year list of vocabulary for Kapow Primary's Design and Technology scheme of work. For printing and sharing. Can be used for classroom displays.
  • A progression of skills document highlighting how Kapow Primary's lessons ensure progression in key Design and technology skills throughout key stages 1 and 2 (including a condensed and a combined version).
  • A curriculum overview showing how our scheme meets the requirements of the Design and technology KS1 and KS2 National curriculum.