About The Lockdown Art Gallery


A celebration of the art created by pupils during the 2020 and 2021 school closures.  We welcome further contributions.  Please send images together with the name of your school to enquiries@kapowprimary.com



Every picture tells a story: Banksy and the Clacton Pigeons


In this challenging year 5 lesson KS2: Y5 Every picture tells a story: Banksy pupils consider the meaning of a Banksy mural and learn to think carefully about the real message an artist is portraying.  The year 6 pupils of John Scurr Primary were inspired by the lesson to create some powerful images to help new pupils feel welcome at their school


Formal elements of Art: Taking rubbings


In this year 2 lesson KS2: Y2 Formal elements of art: Exploring texture with rubbings pupils went outdoors in lockdown to explore texture.  They choose objects with interesting surfaces and grain and used rubbing techniques to record the textures.  Earlsfield Primary school in Wandsworth developed the lesson further by making impressions in clay or salt dough as another way of recording texture.




Make my voice heard: Käthe Kollwitz


Several schools have developed their pupils’ drawing skills and experimented with halo and chiaroscuro techniques to draw self-portraits inspired by Käthe Kollwitz and the KS 2 drawing lesson: Käthe Kollwitz


Thanks to:  Oasis Academy Harpur Mount, Little Paxton Primary School and Arnot St Mary’s CE Primary School




Make my voice heard: Clay sculpture


The children of Earlsfield Primary School in Wandsworth developed their sculpting skills making some terrific heads from clay inspired by Käthe Kollwitz and the KS2 lesson, Making my voice heard: Clay sculpture




Picture the poet


Pupils of Barton Moss Community Primary School in Manchester learned to create a continuous line drawing inspired by Michael Rosen and the KS2 Drawing lesson: Picture the poet







Design: Willow Pattern


There are plenty of cross-curricular opportunities for art and literacy.  Schools adapt the willow pattern design technique to the books they study.

Scargill School in Derbyshire were inspired by Shirley Climo’s  The Egyptian Cinderella and High View Primary School in Wallington, Surrey created designs based on Kate DiCamillo’s  The Miracluous Journey of Edward Tullane


KS2 Year 4 Design: Willow pattern








TheKS2 formal elements of art unit on architecture has been one of the most popular series of lessons during lockdown.  With the help of the pupil videos and the guidance of their teachers, pupils have been able to work on this unit at home.This unit of lessons requires minimal equipment and allows children to develop their drawing by observation skills and learn about the work of architects.


KS2 : Formal elements of Art: Architecture


Thanks to John Scurr Primary school.  We are convinced that Inaaya and Faris have the aptitude to be the next Zaha Hadid or Richard Rogers!



Craft: Zentangle printing


Children continued to develop their craft skills in 2020 including in this Zentangle printing lesson inspired in part by William Morris.  It is always interesting to see how schools adapt the Kapow Primary lessons to their own curriculum and themes.  Little Paxton Primary created a zentangle print as part of their remembrance day commemorations and Our Lady and St Anne’s RC Primary School even brightened up the decor at school!


KS2: Craft: Zentangle Printing





Little inventors

Idea, drawing, design and reality


In this KS2 design lesson, children use their ingenuity to create designs for objects and contraptions that just might make everyday life that little bit easier.


KS2: Design: Little Inventors


Thanks to Barton Moss Community Primary School