Lesson 6: Breathing Exercises

Children explore how relaxation affects the body and mind and practice different breathing exercises while considering the most appropriate times to use them.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding how relaxation affects the body
  • Knowing that it is important to have relaxation strategies
  • Knowing how to use breathing to help myself relax
  • Describing suitable times and places for using breathing techniques to relax


Breathing Exercises PowerPoint

Teacher Video: Relaxation

This video covers all our relaxation lessons
Created by:
Elaine Bousfield,  
Wellbeing specialist
Elaine worked for many years as a therapist with young people. She is the founder and chair of XenZone and its children and young people’s counselling service, kooth.com. Kooth delivers an onlineAnother term for ‘the internet’. counselling and therapy service. It is…
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