Lesson 4: Developing a Growth Mindset

Whilst undertaking activities designed to test their resilience, children record their attempts at success and then explore strategies to help them to persevere and remain determined to succeed even when things are hard.

Learning Objectives

  • Able to describe feelings when finding something difficult
  • Understanding that everybody fails
  • Knowing that failing isn’t the end of a process
  • Understand what is a growth mindset

Lesson Plan

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Challenges Recording Sheet
Growth Mindset PowerPoint


Created by:
Elaine Bousfield,  
Wellbeing specialist
Elaine worked for many years as a therapist with young people. She is the founder and chair of XenZone and its children and young people’s counselling service, kooth.com. Kooth delivers an onlineAnother term for ‘the internet’. counselling and therapy service. It is…
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