Y3/4: Health and wellbeing (Cycle A)

Learning about how to stay healthy and how our diet affects our bodies and our teeth, identifying our strengths, learning how to celebrate mistakes and develop a growth mindset, considering how we can increase our happiness.

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Y3/4 Lesson 1 (Cycle A): My healthy diary

Understanding and planning for a healthy lifestyle, including physical activity, rest and diet.

Learning Objective

To understand and plan for a healthy lifestyle including physical activity, rest and diet

Y3/4 Lesson 2 (Cycle A): Diet and dental health

Looking at the food groups that make up a balanced diet and at the benefits of healthy eating, including for dental health.

Learning Objective

To understand the benefits of healthy eating and dental health

Y3/4 Lesson 3 (Cycle A): Relaxation: stretches

Learning a range of relaxation stretches and understanding that relaxation has a positive impact on the body.

Learning Objective

To perform a range of relaxation stretches

Y3/4 Lesson 4 (Cycle A): Wonderful me

Children explore their identity by considering what they like and the groups and communities they belong to, and write a kenning style poem about themselves.

Learning Objective

To understand the different aspects of my identity

Y3/4 Lesson 5 (Cycle A): My superpowers

Identifying personal strengths and considering how these can be used and how they may impact others.

Learning Objective

To identify my own strengths and begin to see how they can affect others

Y3/4 Lesson 6 (Cycle A): Celebrating mistakes

Developing a develop a growth mindset and learning that mistakes are useful.

Learning Objective

o develop a growth mindset and understand that mistakes are useful

Y3/4 Lesson 7 (Cycle A): My happiness

Children identify things that are important to them and learn that they can take action to influence their own happiness.

Learning Objective

To identify what’s important to me and to take responsibility for my own happiness

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