Chanting and tuned percussion (space theme)

This unit sees children journey into the unknown and explore space through music, movement, chanting and the playing of tuned percussion instruments, culminating in a final composition

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Lesson 1: Chanting and tuned percussion: Space movement

The children visualise a journey through space in a rocket, listening to a piece of music and responding physically and expressively


Lesson 2: Chanting and tuned percussion: Singing in space

Children learn the song 'Zoom Zoom Zoom We're Going to the Moon' and end the lesson by singing the song with accompanying actions


Lesson 3: Chanting and tuned percussion: Space chanting

Pupils are inspired by a piece of classical music by Strauss to imagine that they're rockets about to blast into space, chanting as they go


Lesson 4: Chanting and tuned percussion: Space travel

Using the pentatonic notes on the glockenspiel and considering tempo and dynamics, children play the next part of their space journey


Lesson 5: Chanting and tuned percussion: Space finale

Children collaborate on a suitable ending to their journey through space and practise putting all of the elements they have learnt in the unit, into a final performance