Essential subject materials (Music)

A selection of useful materials for teaching primary school Music linked to the Kapow Primary scheme of work

Planning resources

Planning materials for Music

Three useful documents to support in planning the teaching of primary school Music:

  • Long-term plans to assist in the delivery of the Kapow Primary lessons. We offer a standard and condensed version of our plans to suit the needs of your school.
  • A progression of skills document for music highlighting how Kapow Primary's scheme of work ensures progressions in key music skills throughout key stages 1 and 2.
  • A curriculum overview showing how our scheme meets the requirements

Knowledge organisers for Music

Music: Y1 Knowledge organisers

Visual summaries of the key vocabulary and facts for each of the Kapow Primary Year 1 Music units. Suitable for printing on A4 or larger sizes for classroom display. These resources can be used to aid the children's learning of the units and to recap the teaching of the unit. Children benefit from eye-catching pictures, musical imagery, key vocabulary and more. These Knowledge organisers highlight the main learning covered in the units, and follow the National Curriculum scheme of work, in line

Music: Y2 Knowledge organisers

A collection of Key Stage 1, Year 2, Music resources, complimenting the teaching covered in the Year 2 Kapow Primary Music units, which can be found here . These classroom resources, called Knowledge organisers, are visual summaries of the key elements found within the lessons, including vocabulary, musical terminology,

Music: Y3 Knowledge organisers

Access Music resources for Year 3 pupils, which give pupils an overview of the Music units Kapow Primary offers. These resources offer visual summaries of the key elements found within the Music lesson plans, including vocabulary, musical imagery, instrument names and definitions, and encapsulate the Kapow Primary scheme of work for Year 3 Music. These resources can be printed in A3 and displayed in the classroom or handed out individually to the children. Children can use these bold, eye-catching

Music: Y4 Knowledge organisers

These Knowledge organisers complement the Music Kapow Primary units of lessons. Encapsulating the key learning covered over a unit, these resources provide eye-catching images for the children to engage with, revision of the terminology and vocabulary, diagrams to memorise and provide visual aid, and more. From Rock and roll to Samba, the Kapow Primary Knowledge organisers provide a fresh, inviting take on unit revision and progression of musical skills. These resources can be displayed in your

Music: Y5 Knowledge organisers

These resources will be available from the end of September. Please check back soon!

Music: Y6 Knowledge organisers

Music: KS2 Instrumental units: Knowledge organisers

Knowledge organisers for the six Kapow Primary key stage 2 instrumental music units covering the Model Music Curriculum, non-statutory guidance for the national curriculum in England. The units focus on the music, culture and history of six countries: South Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Indonesia, India and North America, while providing opportunities to children to sing, participate in listening activities, compose music and give instrumental performances. The units provide lesson plans

Webinars with our Music specialists

Music webinars

Recordings of webinar events with our music specialists providing additional CPD, tips and ideas