Through games, stories and role-play, pupils develop vocabulary that they could use on a trip to France, as well as building their understanding of sentence structures, questions and phrases. They also develop their language detective skills when faced with an entirely unfamiliar text

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Lesson 1: Money, money, money

Pupils recap how to say large numbers in French and learn how prices are written and said

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Lesson 2: At the market

Children are introduced to the names of fruits and use their understanding of different sounds in French to attempt to pronounce the new vocabulary

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Lesson 3: Monsieur Mangetout

Through the entertaining story of Monsieur Mangetout, children practise the days of the week and food vocabulary

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Lesson 4: How many, how much?

Asking and answering questions used when shopping, pupils learn phrases such as ‘some’ and ‘I would like’

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Lesson 5: A table

Children use their detective skills to decode an unknown text, unpicking the meaning through context and recognising known vocabulary

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