Collaborative Learning

In this topic, children learn about how to work collaboratively in a responsible and considerate way as well as looking at a range of collaborative tools including Google Docs, Slides, Forms and Sheets. They also develop their understanding of the benefits of working together and how the Internet provides opportunities to do this even when people are not physically in the same location

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Lesson 1: Teamwork

In this first lesson, children are shown what collaborative work means and create a set of class rules to ensure that working together runs smoothly

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Lesson 2: Sharing a Document

Once children are familiar with Google Docs, they learn a little about some of the features that can be used while working as part of a team

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Lesson 3: Slide Presentations

In this lesson, children learn about some of the features of a slide presentation program and how to create fun and interesting presentations

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Lesson 4: Google Forms

Pupils are introduced to Google Forms, learning how to create and share surveys and questionnaires

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Lesson 5: Shared spreadsheets

Having collected their data, pupils using a shared spreadsheet program to explore spreadsheets and learn how to extract information from the data

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