Design: Willow Pattern: Free lesson

Children design their own willow pattern style plate based on a tale of their choice, first drawing three key characters, then going over the details with ink, before finally using a wash in lighter tones of blue

Learning Objectives

  • Knowing about the creation of the traditional willow pattern

  • Using three parts from a story to create a willow pattern design for a plate

  • Using undiluted ink for detail and water wash for lighter tones to create design

  • Adding outline for plate design

Lesson Plan

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Teacher Video: Willow pattern

Pupil Video: Willow pattern

Presentation: Willow pattern designs

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Created by:
Simon Chubb,  
Art & Design specialist
Simon is a teacher, cartoonist and artist. He uses his 25 years of experience to teach art in schools and has his own workshop business ‘Scartoons’ in which children create comicA series of drawings which tell a story characters and…
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