Wellbeing: Looking Forward

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Lesson 1: Wonderful Me! > Our Social Media Selves

Children consider why people may present their life in a different way on social media and the impact this can have on other people.

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Lesson 2: People Around Me > Resolving Conflict and Compromising

Children learn about how conflict can arise and the steps that can be taken to resolve it or prevent it, creating a resolution guide.

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Lesson 3: Meaning and Purpose > What can I be?

By pondering different meanings of the question ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’, children focus on what is important to them.

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Lesson 4: Resilience > Resilience Toolbox

Reflecting on the different resilience strategies they have come across in the past, pupils create a resilience toolbox to help prepare them for any challenge.

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Lesson 5: Healthy Body, Healthy Brain > Taking Responsibility for my Health

Children consider how they look after their own physical and emotional well-being and think of what else they can do to keep themselves healthy.

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Lesson 6: Relaxation > Mindfulness

In addition to completing a mindfulness activity, pupils create a booklet of useful relaxation strategies to use in different situations.

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