Wellbeing: My place in the world

Incorporating their sense of identity into the context of the world they live in, children start to consider the concept of purpose. They do this through looking at the importance of different emotions they experience, understanding what we gain from each different food group as well as considering what roles they themselves play based on what they are good at and what they enjoy.

Choose your lesson

Lesson 1: Wonderful Me! > My happiness

Children begin to take responsibility for their own happiness by identifying what’s important to them and setting achievable goals.

Lesson 2: People around me > A positive difference

Considering their impact on the world around them, pupils explore how to help make other people happy and the results of doing this.

Lesson 3: Meaning and Purpose > My Role

By examining their own strengths and passions, pupils decide on the perfect job within school for them and the skills they need to cary it out.

Lesson 4: Resilience > Celebrating mistakes

Adopting a growth mindset, children develop a more positive perspective on making mistakes, seeing them as learning opportunities rather than barriers.

Lesson 5: Healthy Body, Healthy Brain > Diet and Dental Health

Children explore the importance of a healthy, balanced diet, looking at what each food group does for the body and how this can impact mood.

Lesson 6: Relaxation > Visualisation

Within a calming, visualisation activity, children are talked through a relaxing environment before creating their own version.