Wellbeing: Getting to know me

Children develop their sense of identity throughout this topic, understanding their strengths and their place in the different groups and communities that they are a part of. Imagining themselves as superheroes, they can reflect on what makes them special and how they can help the people around them. Later in the topic, they explore some important factors which affect our mental and physical health and wellbeing: diet, dental health, rest, relaxation and hydration.

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Lesson 1: Wonderful me! > Who am I?

Children explore their identity by considering the groups and communities that they are a part of and what they like, before using this to write a kenning style poem about themselves.

Lesson 2: People around me > Communication

Children reflect on different ways of communicating and investigate what makes a good listener and why this is important.

Lesson 3: Meaning and Purpose > My Superpowers

By thinking about real and fictional superheroes, children identify and celebrate their strengths as well as consider ways that they can help other people.

Lesson 4: Resilience > Breaking Down Barriers

Following the example of a well-known book character, pupils look at how they can break problems down into small, achievable goals.

Lesson 5: Healthy Body, Healthy Brain > My Healthy Diary

Reflecting on the importance of diet, exercise and rest on the body, children create their own healthy diary for the week.

Lesson 6: Relaxation > Stretches

By imitating shapes of animals, children explore different stretches to help to ease tension in the body and aid relaxation.