Lesson 1: Experiencing different feelings

Children reflect on how it feels to experience different emotions, including conflicting emotions, noticing their effects on their bodies.

Learning Objectives

  • Knowing that we often feel more than one emotion at a time

  • Imagining how I would feel in a particular situation

  • Assigning colours to feelings

  • Knowing that not everyone feels the same

Teacher Video: Wonderful me

This explains for teachers of the key points of our Wonderful me topic across KS1 and KS2


Person Outline
Scenario Cards
Accent en rose
Created by:
Elaine Bousfield,  
Wellbeing specialist
Elaine worked for many years as a therapist with young people. She is the founder and chair of XenZone and its children and young people’s counselling service, kooth.com. Kooth delivers an online counselling and therapy service. It is also an online community…
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