Safety and the changing body

Learning about the reliability of online information, relationships and how to deal with any problems. Learning about the the changes experienced during puberty, how a baby is conceived and develops. Understanding the risks associated with alcohol. Learning how to administer first aid to someone who is choking or unresponsive.

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Lesson 1: Alcohol

Learning about the risks associated with alcohol consumption

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Lesson 3: Social media

Learning that online relationships should be treated in the same way as face to face relationships

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Lesson 4: Physical and emotional changes of puberty

Further developing their understanding of the physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty. Featuring a bespoke animated pupil video

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Lesson 5: Conception

Children learn about the biology of conception. Featuring a bespoke animated pupil video

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Lesson 6: Pregnancy and birth

Children learn how a baby develops in the womb and is born. Features a bespoke animated pupil video!

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Lesson 7: First Aid: Choking

Learning to recognise when someone is choking and understanding how to give first aid, including giving back blows and tummy thrusts, and getting medical help if needed

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Lesson 8: First Aid: Basic life support

Learning what to do if a casualty is unresponsive and breathing normally, including putting the person into the recovery position and seeking medical help

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