Health and wellbeing

Taking greater responsibility for diet, oral hygiene, physical activity, rest and relaxation, understanding how they contribute to physical and mental health. Learning the importance of resilience and developing strategies for being resilient in challenging situations. Identifying and planning for long-term goals and learning about the benefits of immunisation.

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Lesson 1: What can I be?

Identifying long term goals and how to work towards them


Lesson 2: Relaxation: Mindfulness

Learning about the importance of relaxation, pupils learn how to to use mindfulness techniques as a strategy to manage their emotions


Lesson 3: Taking responsibility for my health

Understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle, pupils look at taking greater responsibility for their diet, dental hygiene, rest, relaxation and physical activity


Lesson 4: Resilience toolbox

Drawing upon the skills they have developed to identify and respond to difficult situations, pupils create a range of resilience strategies


Lesson 5: Immunisation

Understanding ways that we help prevent ourselves and others becoming ill and the benefits of immunisation


Lesson 6: Physical health concerns

Children learn where to seek support if they believe that they are unwell


Lesson 7: Good and bad habits

Pupils learn how to take greater take responsibility for their health and that habits can be good or bad for our health