Safety and the changing body

Learning about the emotional and physical changes of puberty, including menstruation. Developing greater understanding of online safety. Understanding the issue of influence and strategies to overcome this. Learning how to give first aid to someone who is bleeding.

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Lesson 1: Online friendships

To begin to understand some issues related to online friendships including the impact of their actions


Lesson 2: Staying safe online

Learning how staying safe online, identifying potential dangers and how to avoid them


Lesson 3: Puberty

Learning about the physical changes that happen to the body during puberty and naming the sexual external parts of the body and internal reproductive organs. Featuring a bespoke animated pupil video


Lesson 4: Menstruation

Learning about the menstrual cycle and other changes that happen during puberty. Featuring a bespoke animated pupil video!


Lesson 5: Emotional changes in puberty

Learning about the emotional changes that occur during puberty


Lesson 6: First Aid: Bleeding

Children learn how to administer first aid someone who is bleeding


Lesson 7: Alcohol, drugs and tobacco: Making decisions

Understanding the influence others have on us and how we can make our own decisions