Health and wellbeing

Developing independence for ensuring good quality sleep and keeping safe in the sun. Understanding what can cause stress, how to deal with it and the relationship between stress and relaxation. Exploring target setting as way to achieve a goal and appreciating that failure is an important part of success. Taking greater responsibility for and managing feelings and emotions.

Choose your lesson

Lesson 1: Relaxation: yoga

Learning about the importance of relaxation, pupils practise yoga stretches I can describe how these stretches make me feel


Lesson 2: The importance of rest

Learning about the benefits of a good night's sleep and how to take greater responsibility for ensuring they get good quality sleep


Lesson 3: Embracing failure

Understanding that failure is a normal part of life and that we mustn't give up if something doesn't go according to plan


Lesson 4: Going for goals

Learning to set achievable short-term, medium-term and long-term goals


Lesson 5: Taking responsibility for my feelings

Understanding that we are responsible for our own feelings and actions


Lesson 6: Healthy meals

Pupils will learn how to create a series of healthy meals


Lesson 7: Sun safety

To understand risks associated with sun exposure and how to keep themselves protected in the sun